Hey Internet Fiends, Unwatch.Me!

Your personal privacy cloud.

Are you tired of digital paparazzi, unaccountable spies, and creepy advertisers spying on you all the time? Is your Internet access too slow, but you don’t have any faster Internet service providers nearby? Declare to them all: Unwatch.Me!

Data Roads Foundation is a proud supporter of Reset the Net.

Closer Cycle Systems and Data Roads Foundation are collaborating on a series of open source software packages and hardware configurations that will scramble all your Internet traffic in your home or office, send it all through more than one Internet connection, and only descramble it in cloud services where nobody (not even the cloud operators) can know where exactly your traffic came from. If you are connecting directly between multiple homes and offices with Unwatch.Me services, then your data will never be unscrambled until it gets to your intended destination. Tell the Internet spies and marketers: “Nobody can have all my data except for me, so just Unwatch.Me!

Unwatch.Me (Alpha Test) Duration

Your donations here all go to the Data Roads Foundation, for the purpose of creating and maintaining all necessary Open Source Software for Unwatch.Me services, and for providing select Unwatch.Me services free of charge to qualifying families in need.

Unwatch.Me (Alpha Test Access) on Square Market

$120 ACH Transfer

Closer Cycle Systems is offering free access to the first Unwatch.Me clouds in the Alpha testing phase to anyone that donates more than $120 to the Data Roads Foundation on this page! They will provide you with at least a month Unwatch.Me Alpha Subscription for every multiple of $120 you donate (e.g. a donation of $1440 is good for a year long Alpha Subscription). This is a limited time offer only for the first generous patrons, so donate today!

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